Table of Contents

In this document, we will go through the following topics:

  • Dynamic/Async Routing
  • Router and Code Splitting
  • Router and Transition
  • Router and Loading progress
  • Router and Modal

Firstly, let's take a look at MetaFox's URL structure

  • /: Display home page or user.home page based on the user authentication state.
  • /blog: Display user.browse page.
  • /blog/my: Display page.
  • /user: Display user.browse page.
  • /user/profile/1: Display profile of user
  • /pages/profile/14: Display profile of pages
  • /groups/profile/12: Display profile of groups
  • /jack: Display user.profile page, alias of /user/profile/1
  • /jack/photo: Display page, alias of /user/profile/1/photo
  • /barca: Display pages.profile as alias of /pages/profile/14
  • /barca/groups: Display pages.profile.groups as alias of /pages/profile/14/photo
  • /nancy-club: Display private groups.profile as alias of /group/profile/12

By using react-router-dom and React.lazy, we can structure React components:

    <Route path="/" component={HomePage} />
    <Route path="/blog" component={BlogPage} />
    <Route path="/blog/my" component={MyBlogPage} />
    <Route path="/user/profile/:userId" component={UserProfilePage} />
    <Route path="/pages/profile/:pageId" component={PageProfilePage} />
    <Route path="/groups/profile/:groupId" component={GroupProfilePage} />
    ... Others Routes
    <NoMatchRoute />

As you see /, blog,blog/my are static regex URLs, they can be solved easily by using regex or literal strings.

While /jack, jack/photo, /barca, /barca/groups is more difficult, we have to query database to check if terms of jack, barca are for usernames or page slugs.

  1. Router gets a request with the pathname /jack/photo
  2. Check router path but no matched
  3. Keep previous matched Route, showing loading progress bar.
  4. Send async request to get canonical pathname of url /jack/photo
  5. If getting the canonical pathname /user/profile/1/photo, replace current location state, keep location pathname.
  6. Router tries to re-run with /user/profile/1/photo pathname.

Best Practices:

  • Application can be configured to use either Loading progress bar or Empty waiting screen
  • Should use nested route in user/pages/event profile page. TBD.
  • Do not base on the browser location. Instead, when developing UI, use $PageContext to ask the context to query content instead of browser location.

Code Splitting

Because of app sizing, we have to split code of every Page components. read more

At the first time visiting /user page, the associated chunk file is not ready. Thus, if the network speed is around 1 second, end users may see a flash animation.

Modal Route

Here is the sample code for a Modal

  sampleModalDialog: {
    modal: true,
    path: '/m/example/simple-modal',
    component: loadable(() => import('./pages/ExampleModal')),
  sampleModalPage: {
    path: '/m/example/simple-modal',
    component: loadable(() => import('./pages/ExampleModalPage')),

You have to create two routes, the first route is for Modal Route, and the seconds is Page Route. You can declare them in routes.ts file, with the same path but add property modal.

How to disable modal dialog on mobile device?