MetaFox Developer Installation

This MetaFox Developer package includes the MetaFox Core and some basic apps such as Feed, Photos, Members, Blogs, Polls.

System Requirements

On the Development environment: since we have to build MetaFox Frontend, your server will need to have at least 4G RAM as the Recommendation for React (opens in a new tab)

This article will guide you how to set up Local Development with docker. Thus, the server will need to have docker and docker-compose installed first.

Download Source

You can download Developer source from Client Area, under MetaFox Dev license. Then, extract the package on your server.

For example, all source files will be uploaded to your server under home/metafox folder

Local Installation Steps

Open Terminal and log in SSH to your server. It is necessary to note that you will need to log in with SSH user having permissions to run docker

Then, run the following command

cd /home/metafox

After starting successfully, you can check the MetaFox site at http://your_server_IP:8081 or http://your_domain:8081


If you got issues with MetaFox Installation, please open new tickets in Client Area (opens in a new tab) with department of 3rd Party Developer for further support.


Unit Test: