Getting Started


App items such as blogs, events, etc., can be organized into categories. In this topic, we are going to walk you through steps to support Categories in the sample Notes app.

In the Notes app, we are going to define 2 database schemas note_categories and note_category_data to keep many-to-many relationship between notes and categories

Build Schema

We will define a Migration class with 2 methods up and down

class NoteMigration extends Migration{
public function up (){
DbTableHelper::categoryTable('note_categories', true);
public function down(){

In result, the database schemes will be generated automatically as below

Category DDL

-- auto-generated definition
CREATE TABLE note_categories
id serial CONSTRAINT note_categories_pkey PRIMARY KEY,
parent_id integer,
name varchar(255) NOT NULL,
name_url varchar(255),
is_active smallint DEFAULT '1'::smallint NOT NULL,
ordering integer DEFAULT 0 NOT NULL,
total_item integer DEFAULT 0 NOT NULL,
created_at timestamp(0),
updated_at timestamp(0)

Category Data DDL

-- auto-generated definition
CREATE TABLE note_category_data
id bigserial CONSTRAINT blog_category_data_pkey PRIMARY KEY,
item_id bigint NOT NULL,
category_id integer NOT NULL